I’m such a Teacher Nerd

Tomorrow we go back to work for preplanning.  It’s so silly how excited I am for it!  I’m here on my last Sunday for 10 months where I don’t have to do any work, and what am I doing?  Working on my class lists, ordering supplies, thinking about lesson plans!  While I’m not a morning person, and when the students come back I’ll have to go in at 7 am for Morning Care, I’m jazzed up about going back to work!  That’s one thing I love about teacher – the constant yearly change.  New students, new challenges, new staff (usually), and better ideas for lessons.  The few times I worked in a retail or service, I was bored by the lack of change, or looking forward.  I love having to plan for the next few months, and then doing it all again next summer!

Of course, a few weeks or months from now, I may be lamenting how tired I am, or how That One Student is driving me crazy, or that parent who thinks his/her child is the only one I should be concerned about.  Hopefully, I’ll come back and read this and renew my enthusiasm for my profession!


What the hell do I do here?

So I’m supposed to write something that I think people will find interesting.  I could go off on a political rant, but I’d be concerned that some whacko would take offense and then harm my family.  Or I could talk about my art, but then I suppose I should sell some of it.  Maybe I could talk about my family.  Nah – in this day and age, less information is better. I could always talk about my cats and invoke Paula Poundstone. But what about the dog lovers?

More silly stuff to come. Maybe.